Setup dropshipping for "Best Nutrition"

Setup dropshipping for "Best Nutrition"

How to set up dropshipping for "Best Nutrition"

How to set up dropshipping for "Best Nutrition"

Written By: Marvin Hödlmoser

Last Updated on September 3, 2023

Best Nutrition

Setup Dropshipping for "Best Nutrition"

This tutorial shows how to setup dropshipping from a Shopify shop for Best Nutrition using DataChamp. You will find details about the dropshipping service here.

These are the steps you will have to follow for DataChamp:

  1. Create a new report by using the "Template" "Dropshipping Best-Nutrition GmbH (CSV)".

  2. Change the file name

    It is necessary for this dropshipper to have unique filename. Therefor please change the filename from "%Y%m%d-put-your-shop-name-here" to a name that includes your shop name - like "%Y%m%d-my-shop-name"

  3. Save & Run your Report

    You can do this by clicking on "Save & Run" in the top right corner.

  4. Check and adjust your Report

    Click again on the report name and adjust your report.

  5. Export Mode: Incremental

    Change the Export Mode to "Incremental". This way each order is send only once to your fulfillment service.

  6. Add a scheduler

    In the dashboard add a scheduler by clicking on the "scheduler" icon. You can run your report automatically each hour, each day or in other intervals.