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How to use Filters

How to use Filters

Written By: Marvin Hödlmoser

Last Updated on August 17, 2023



Filters allow you to customize the data that is exported in your Excel or CSV files.

Depending on the field type you can choose from different filter options:

  • Date fields

  • after (a date)

  • before (a date)

  • between (two date values)

  • current

  • is empty

  • last (# of days)

  • on (given date)

  • Char fields (eg email, name, ...)

  • equals to any of

  • not equal to any of

  • is empty

  • is not empty

  • starts with

  • Special fields

  • eg "Risk Level " will allow to choose from "High", "Low" and "Medium"

  • Number fields

  • eg "Customers" - "Orders count"

If you miss a filter options - please check the Custom Term Filter

Adding and editing filters

Add filters and edit them as you need them:

Date placeholders in filters

You can add filters using date placeholders.

This is an example of a filter for orders: Export only orders with "Tag" "equals to any of" "%m/%d/%Y":

"%m/%d/%Y" will be converted to today - like "10/05/2020" - and only orders having this "Tag" will be exported.