Incremental Exports

Incremental Exports

How to setup incremental export

How to setup incremental export

Written By: Robert Baumgartner

Last Updated on February 3, 2024

DataChamp offers a feature called incremental exports, which allows you to only export new data since the last run of a report. It's quite simple to use.

In this guide, we aim to accomplish the following:

  • Export the "Name" column from orders, which corresponds to the order number.

  • Export only orders that have been "fulfilled."

  • Set up an automated daily export.

  • Ensure the export is incremental, meaning it only includes new fulfilled orders since the last export.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Begin by configuring your report to include the desired data.

  2. Apply filters to narrow down the orders, which will speed up the export process and prevent any restrictions from Shopify or DataChamp.

    • Select orders updated "since last 2 days."

    • Filter by fulfillment status and choose "Fulfilled."

  3. Switch the export mode to incremental.

  4. Save your report. In the report overview you will find "Set scheduler":

  5. Set the scheduler to "daily":

To make things easier, use the DataChamp template labeled "Fulfilled orders (incremental)" and configure a daily scheduler according to these instructions.

To check if DataChamp's incremental feature works properly, let's try an example:

  1. First, we manually trigger the incremental export three times at specific times: 10:07 AM, 1:28:34 PM, and 1:28:59 PM.

  2. After that, we'll open the export history to see what happened during those export sessions.