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How to layout a Report

How to layout a Report

Written By: Marvin Hödlmoser

Last Updated on August 23, 2023


Change the column order or column name

Modify the column settings

Click on the settings icon next to a column. There are different options depending on the type of the column. Here is an example for a text field:

Tip: Click "Test settings" at the bottom of the settings page to test your configuration instantly.

Please check the function reference for these advanced topics:

Regex for search and replace Date Format

Add custom columns

To set fixed values, just add a column like in this example:

Tip: Don't forget to click the "Add" button!

If you want to use the values from other columns, do calculations or need advanced search and replace functionality - please take a look at:

Set the value of a column using values of other columns and using math expressions


Setup columns for "keys" your metafields and custom attributes

Please follow this tutorial to understand how to setup columns for "keys" of your metafields and custom attributes:

Tutorial: Columns for Metafields and Custom Attributes