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How to create mappings

How to create mappings

Written By: Marvin Hödlmoser

Last Updated on August 23, 2023


With mappings you can customize the output of any column.

There are three sections:

  1. If

  2. set

  3. to

The "If section"

Use this section in the same way as "filters". Set up the condition when the mapping should be used.

The "set section"

Set which column should be set by the mapping. You can also use the add a custom column ("Layout" tab) to define additional columns that can be used for mappings.

The "to section"

This is where you configure the content.

For fixed value, simple write the content into the "to sections".

If you want to use the values from other columns, do calculations or need advanced search and replace functionality - please take a look at:

Set the value of a column using values of other columns and using math expressions