Product feed

Product feed

How to provide a product feed

How to provide a product feed

Written By: Marvin Hödlmoser

Last Updated on September 3, 2023

Product Feed

Provide a Product Feed

In this tutorial we show how to create a product feed including information like price and stock level. DataChamp will provide the current products from your Shopify store in the form of a download link.

The download link will look like: https://app.datachamp.io/feed/43b366e99157602d934027e0

Product Feeds can be used by platforms like idealo.de, billiger.de and many more.

To create your own product feed follow these steps:

  1. Create a new report for "Products"

  2. Next add all fields you want to show in your Feed .

  3. On the right side click on Settings - Storage and choose "DataChamp - Feed"

  4. Give your Report a name and choose "Save & Run" in the upper right corner

  5. Provide the URL to your partners

    Copy the feed URL to you clipboard. Then test the result and provide it to your partners

  6. Setup a scheduler

Tip: If you do not set up a scheduler, your feed will will not update. New products, price changes, inventory levels, ... will stay the same until you manually run the report again.

Choose "Set schedule" and select the interval that suits you. A daily update could be the right choose. Ask your partner, how often the feed is read by them.