February 2024 Updates

Feb 28, 2024

We are delighted to inform you about new features that promise to ease your data management experience!

🔄 Introducing the Cancel Button 

Ever started an export and realized you needed to halt it midway? Say no more! With our new Cancel Button feature, you can now effortlessly abort running exports with a simple click. 

📊 Unlock Efficiency with Incremental Exports

Maximize your productivity with our Incremental Export feature. Export only the data that has changed since your last report run. Take a look at our new Tutorial that describes the "Incremental Export" feature!

Dive in today and explore these exciting features for yourself! We are giving our best to provide you with useful updates that enhance your experience. Thank you for being a part of DataChamp!

P.S. Your feedback is invaluable to us! Share your thoughts and suggestions – they help shape the future of DataChamp.